Czepak Infotech is a Mobile app & Web development company Chennai which offers the latest technological solutions for our clients at affordable cost. We are headquartered in OMR, KANDANCHAVADI and have a wide range of clients across Chennai. Our work environment is open and flexible to help our employees to create and design the best work that exceeds our client’s requirement. We get together with our client and provide highly skillful technological solutions for them. We organize the project teams with the right experts which enable highly successful solutions.

Our core expertize is in Custom Software Development, Responsive Web Design and Development, Enterprise Mobile App Development, Game Application Development, E-commerce, M-commerce, Digital Marketing, SEO, Content management, Graphic Designing, Branding and Advertising. We are trying to create innovative solutions for all business across the globe. Because we care, we are customer oriented and provide our clients with exclusive service and support. Our gamut of custom software services helps in the growth of your company and leads you to success.

Mobile app & Web development company Chennai

Notes From CEO

Decide commit and succeed has always been my nature therefore failure strengthens me. It is my belief that the success of a company lies not only on the management but on the employees as well. So, in our company we have a flexible hierarchy system where the members are free to voice out their opinions.
Czepak Infotech provides software solutions across the globe. We work with the brightest people and use advanced technology. At Czepak Infotech, we encourage creativity and innovations in our team members which will help create highly successful solutions for our clients, so presently we are one of the best software solution company. "Never dream for success but work for it". With this motto in our hearts, we are there to serve our clients.

Founder, CEO

The Team

Czepak Infotech encompass a team of eccentric and eclectic group of individuals who think marginally in a different way, thus providing innovative ideas. Czepak team consists of young, talented, deft members who provide ideas which are novel and fresh and are in-line with the client company’s objective. Our Mobile app & Web development company Chennai team work together to understand your company objectives and provide customized solutions. Our team is very gregarious in dealing the customers and it helps us to maintain long-time relationship with our clients and inflate our customer circle worldwide.

Our team consists of project managers, analysts, designer and developers, QA analyst and software testing engineers, technical writers, etc. Each and every person has a specific role and they work in sync to finish a project.

Analysts: They help to analyze the data constantly and take corrective actions depending on result.

Designers: A designer is like an architect, designing and building software creatively and as per client’s requirement.

Developers: They use the creative designs and technical strategy to create quality software for our clients.

Testing Engineers: A software tester who ensure that the software is error free, works concurrently and have assured quality

Technical writers: A professional writer who creates unique content which is rich in quality and based on your business needs.