Economic boom through mobile

Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) is the transaction of goods and services by digital means such as mobile phones. Nowadays, it has become a necessity for a company to have M-Commerce apps to increase their business. Our M-Commerce services in Chennai install mobile apps that contain E-Commerce and security features, so that it is possible for customers to have a quality and secure transactions. Types of mobile payments are:

  • Mobile wallet
  • Direct mobile billing
  • Mobile phone as a credit card terminal
  • Mobile web based payments

Process of M-Commerce:

  • Use the Lifetime value prediction model to find the future target customers
  • Promoting the mobile app (paid and unpaid services) and making the customers curious to visit your website
  • Simple designs that highlights the business’s products and any discounts that are being offered
  • To attract brand loyalty, save the customer’s payment credentials and offer discounts on them
  • Offer recommendations based on the customer’s past purchases
  • Avoid pop ups and redirect links
  • Create a simple and synchronized shopping cart across all the digital channels in your app
  • Integrate the shopping with mobile wallets for faster payments
  • Get feedback from customers to design a better M-commerce platform