Never too old for creativity and fantasy

Nowadays there is a huge market for animation in India. Czepak infotech’s Animation Company in Chennai has an artist driven full scale animation department that use the perfect combination of 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, motion graphics and video production to get the best outcome. We create full length movies or ads that attract the market that client is targeting. Our Animation Services in Chennai is involved in Animatics, Flash animations, Scribe animatics, live action, hybrid films, etc. Czepak infotech can give life to your imaginations.

The process we follow is:

  • Project estimation: The team discusses with the client about the budget and what type of animation work they want to create.
  • Script writing & storyboarding: Create a story based on the objectives and value of the company to promote its business and then write a script or story accordingly.
  • Character animation: We decide on the characters that are to be present in the animation, their personalities, physical appearance, etc.
  • Video production: Create full fudged creative, innovative and brilliant videos that will capture the attention of the audience.
  • Voice and sound effect: Decide on the voice of the characters based on their personality and appearance and hire suitable dubbing artist. Create a pleasant background music effects which will mesh well with the story

Animation Company in Chennai